Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Activities

Pilgrims / Mayflower:

Featured above:
1. Pack a suitcase for the Mayflower - The First Grade Parade
2. Construct the Mayflower out of aluminum foil. How much cargo can it hold? - MSD K-12
3. Authentic Pilgrim Game that incorporates math! - Acorn Pies

Native Americans - click here for a few activities.

Thanksgiving Food Science:

Thanksgiving Science!

Featured above:
Sink or Float
- Dancing raisins (or craisins - dried cranberries) - AustinKids (can be tied in with a matter unit)
- Cranberry Pockets - Give each child a styrofoam cup with water and a cranberry. Have them write their own hypothesis. What happened? Talk about cranberry bogs and harvesting (click here). Then, cut the cranberry in half, so kids can see the inside of it. Cranberries have four air pockets inside of them, which makes them float! Photo via: US Forest Service
Plants / Growing Things
- Sprout Indian Corn in a shallow pan of water. Document its growth in your science journal. - Williams School House
- Pop a dried corn cob in the microwave for the birds and other woodland animals. Record the different species that come to feed in your science journal - Dr. Foster / Smith
- Make butter - Chica and Joe

Write about how to catch a turkey! Then, go on a feather scavenger hunt. Write questions on various colored, paper feathers. The feathers will lead kids to a turkey (picture printed out) or a feast (if you have one at your school).

Wampum Array Bracelet:
Kids explore multiplication (arrays) as well as practice counting money while designing a classic Wampum shell bracelet! Click here for the free download!

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