Monday, August 14, 2017

Rotation Tessellation

Start with a square. Cut the top and add to the right (90 degrees). Cut the bottom and add to the left (90 degrees). Trace your design on paper and rotate!

Click here to see how to create a translation tessellation

Geo Art

Download isometric dot grid paper. Kids connect dots to create polygons, overlapping their lines to create a unique design. When they're finished they color in their shapes. How many different polygons can they find within their design?

Fishing for Angles

Kids construct a fish out of a circle, using a protractor to create its mouth (make sure each kid creates a different angle). They cut out the angle and the chunk of paper becomes the caudal fin (or tail fin). Game: All of the fish get magnets put on them. For a fishing pole, use a stick with yarn and a magnet attached to the end. Kids go fishing for angles! When they catch a fish, they use a protractor and figure out the angle of its mouth. They write down the type of fish they caught (ex: 30 degree angle). They keep their fish. If they can't figure out the angle, they throw their fish back! Whoever has the most fish wins!

Square Explosion

Give kids scissors and a paper square and see what they can create!