Saturday, November 3, 2012

100 Chart Games

1. Prime Number Hunter - Who can find all the prime numbers the fastest?! -
2. Factors and Multiples - 2 players: 1st player puts a marker on the number 50. Then next player puts a marker on a factor or multiple of 50. Kids continue to take turns finding factors or multiples of the number the previous player put their marker on. The player who fills the board first wins! - Nrich
3. Puzzling! - Cut up a 100 chart into a puzzle!
4. Secret Picture! - Kids answer number sense questions, follow a color key, and figure out the hidden image! Have students make their own for a friend to solve! (see image below)
5. 20+ games using a 100 chart! - Let's Play Math!
Note - You can find printable 100 charts online. The one I used is from Madame Parker's Grade One


  1. These ideas are great! I have found so many useful activities on your blog. Thank you!

  2. I am so overwhelmed with all the great ideas on this blog. I am going to work tomorrow (on spring break) just to prepare some of these things!