Sunday, September 25, 2016

Botanical Expedition

Botanical Expedition -
Kids are given a project-based learning project where they go on a plant expedition to one of the biomes listed on the scientific fact cards (included in the pack). They discover a new plant species and record their findings by designing their own scientific fact sheets! 

After their individual project, they collaborate in a group and design life-size versions of real plants that exist around the world in different biomes (4 plants). This section is called plant superlatives because the plants have extreme attributes! Kids research interesting facts about the plant their group is assigned (after they create it to hang on the walls of your classroom)!

10 Biome Scientific Fact Cards / Mini-Posters
(labeled: blue (aquatic) and green (terrestrial)
1. Coral Reef
2. Wetlands
3. Desert
4. Deciduous Forest
5. Temperate Grasslands
6. Savanna
7. Taiga
8. Temperate Rainforest
9. Tropical Rainforest
10. Tundra

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