Monday, November 10, 2014

Alphabet Grid: Phonics

materials: sidewalk chalk or masking tape

Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondance & Letter Recognition
1. Jump on letter name, say the sound
2. Teacher calls out a letter sound, student jumps on the letter that represents the sound
3. Hold up an object, have the student locate and jump on the beginning, middle or end sound. Ex: Beginning sound of the word ball. Student jumps on the letter /b/

Segment & Blend the Word
After children find beginning, middle and end sounds of the word, have them segment it 
and blend the word on a separate. Ex: grid /b/ /a/ /ll/ = ball
(Phoneme segmentation. The ability to identify separate phonemes in a spoken word.)

Have child choose an object and spell the word phonetically, jumping to each letter on the alphabet grid. Child shouts out letters Ex: dog: child jumps on D-O-G 

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