Thursday, February 6, 2014

Text-to-Self Connection

T-Chart – Lola / Class (create after reading first few pages)
On the side that says Lola, write down all the food she does not like. Then, write down the food the students don't like on the other side. Continue reading the story. End of story: What happened after Charlie gave all the food Lola did not like fancy names? Next, go through the list of foods you made on the t-chart. Put a check mark by the names of children that never tasted the food they “do not like.”

Kids Compare
Lola didn’t want to taste _______. I don’t want to taste _______.
- Or – 
(children who tasted what they don’t like)
Is there a food you didn’t think you would like and you tasted it and loved it?!
Lola ended up loving _______. I didn’t think I would like _______, now I do!

Fancy Food Names
Come up with a fancy name for the food you do not like, just like Charlie did for Lola. Then, draw a picture that goes along with the new name you give the food you dislike. (ex: page of orange twiglets from Jupiter, cloud fluff, and ocean nibbles)

Text to Self Connection: Good readers think about how books relate to their own life. By comparing ourselves to Lola, we are able to understand the story better. Now that you have created cool names for the food you do not like, do you think you will taste it?

Extended Learning: Think-Pair-Share - Using a Venn diagram, compare foods that you like and dislike with a peer.

Click here for printables to go along with this mini lesson. 

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