Thursday, July 25, 2013

Place Value Battleship

This idea comes from Two Sisters that Teach! Kids get a number grid with the different place values and a page to create their secret number. First, they come up with a number and write it in the boxes (shown above). Then, they take turns asking each other questions.

Do you have 7 tens?
Is your number in the hundreds place greater than 2?

If they guess correctly, they got a "hit!" So, they circle the number on their grid. If their guess was incorrect, they make an x through the number on the grid. The first one to figure out their opponent's number wins!

Click here for a printable!
For more battleship fun using a 100 grid click here!


  1. Just came across your site and it is amazing. I am so blown away by all the creativity. Just wanted you to know we featured you today on our small little blog The Paperbag Teachers. Thanks for such a great resource.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment and featuring E is for Explore on your blog! :)