Friday, February 15, 2013

Plastic Eggs!

Fraction Eggs
This activity can also be changed to a fraction activity. Eggs are not labeled, but filled with pom pom ball colors. Each student gets one egg. Students write down the fraction for each color pom pom ball in their egg.

Place Value Eggs
Students count out pom pom balls in eggs labeled thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones. They build a number based on how many pom poms are in each "place." 

Money Eggs
Put various coins inside numbered plastic eggs. Then, have kids add up the money in each egg and write their answers on a piece of paper. They write the amount next to the corresponding number.

Inference Eggs
Have each student bring a plastic egg to school with a top secret surprise inside! Along with their egg, have them write three clues about what's inside, without giving it away. Tape the clues to the plastic egg. Then, toss the eggs in a bag and have each child pull an egg out. Make sure they don't end up with their own egg! After each child has an egg with the clues attached, he / she will make an inference about what's inside, using the clues that came with the egg. Will their inferencing skills solve the mystery?!

Equation Eggs
Students open an egg and write down the number inside of the egg, using a crayon that matches the egg color. Then, they solve their equation!


  1. Great ideas. I used to use these in Kindergarten for word families. Ex, bottom part had ad. Top part had single and double letters combos like h, p, m, br. They would turn the top to line up the letters and list the words they made. They had so much fun with them.