Saturday, January 12, 2013

Light Beams and Shadows

Measuring Light Distance
1. Beam of Light - How far does your flashlight beam shine? Kids practice measuring, while learning about reflection and refraction. Visit Net Places for this fun activity from The Everything Kids' Easy Science Experiments Book.

2. Light Travel - Does light always travel in a straight line? Check out Learning Ideas K-8's experiment with hole punched index cards!

Measuring Shadows
1. Object Position - Turn off the lights and investigate how shadows change when objects (such as your hand) are held close to and far from a flashlight. Measure the shadows. How much was the difference in size? Peep and the Big Wide World

2. Light Position - Set an object on a table. Try shining the flashlight above, in front of, and on different sides of your object. Before you shine the light, can you make a prediction about where the shadow will land? Have a friend trace your shadows. Measure the shadows. What position did you hold your flashlight to get the longest shadow? What about the widest shadow? Peep and the Big Wide WorldVisit Froggy Friends Fun for a free printable to go along with this activity.

Engineering / Electricity Project: Build a Flashlight! 
How far does your flashlight beam shine in comparison to a store bought flashlight? Build a flashlight and measure!
1. Soda Can Flashlight - Instructables
2. TP Roll Flashlight - Energizer

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