Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baloney Belly

Read the poem "Baloney Belly Billy" by Shel Silverstein. Then have kids brush up on their money skills! Give them a certain amount of money to feed Billy. They decide what they want him to eat. Have them create a receipt including the cost of each item they fed Billy and the total amount of money they spent. 

Optional Craft (kids love this craft!) - Create your very own Billy. Have kids make an oversized construction paper head with a hole cut out where his mouth is. Tape a sandwich bag underneath. Kids can throw the items he eats in his mouth (kids draw paper items). You could also tape the head to a brown, paper lunch bag or tissue box (both with a hole for Billy's snack items).

Writing - What would you offer Billy for "another 50 cents?" ($1.50)

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