Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hand Turkey Dice Games

Students play the game in small groups. First they all trace their hand with a pencil on paper. Then they take turns rolling the color dice. The color the die lands on indicates what color they should color a single feather (or finger). Once everyone has colored all of their feathers, they figure out the fraction for their hand turkey!
Place Value
For this small group game, all players trace their hand and label their feathers with ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. They take turns rolling the die. Then they write the number on the feather starting with the ones place. After all of the players have filled their hand turkey’s feathers, they compare their numbers. Who had the greatest? Whose number was the smallest? Did anyone have the same number?
Roll a Turkey

Practice subitizing and addition skills by rolling a turkey! First, kids trace their hand. Then, the game begins! They add one part to their turkey after each roll (2 dice). Whoever completes their turkey first wins!

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