Sunday, July 8, 2012

OUCH! Band Aid Fractions and Writing

Integrate literature, math, and writing with band aids! Pass out copies of Shel Silverstein's "Band Aids" poem from Where the Sidewalk Ends. Then, split kids up into teams of two. Have one kid trace the other on an oversized sheet of paper (butcher paper). Give each team 35 band-aids of various shapes or colors. Using the poem, they stick band-aids on the body outline (where Silverstein says they are placed). Next, they do the math! They figure out the total number of band-aids in Shel Silverstein's poem. Have them count up the total number of band-aids on the body outline. Then, they must refer back to the poem to figure out the total number of band-aids Silverstein used (poem says box of 35 more). Once they have figured out the total, have them write a fraction for each band-aid shape (or color).

Writing - After the math activity, have kids write about a time they got hurt. Kids love sharing bruise stories! Afterwards, use band-aids to perform contraction surgery or number operation!

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