Thursday, June 7, 2012

Toilet Paper Geometry?!

Big project, you'll have to work as a group on this one (divide kids in teams)! Over at Smart Chick Teacher's Blog, kids estimated how many sheets are on one roll of toilet paper. Next, they laid out their sheets to form one large four sided shape (square or rectangle, depends on how many sheets are on your roll). - NOTE: Have kids tear strips of a certain number, single sheets would take forever to measure! - Then, they measured and found the area and perimeter of their four sided shape! After each group figures out their number - add the areas (of each group) up and figure out how many sheets are on the roll!

You can also find the volume of the roll, use the formula for a cylinder! Check out Mark Tully's project here

Note: You could also do this activity with a roll of paper towels.


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  2. The activity sounds great! However, the link to Smart Chick Teacher's Blog does not work, or rather the site no longer exists.

    1. I guess the blog no longer exists. It's too bad because there were lots of fantastic upper elementary activities on there. All you do is have students create a large rectangle or square with strips of tp. Don't tear off single square sheets (that would take forever to measure!)