Thursday, May 3, 2012

Number Police

Fun number game from Ellie's Active Maths for a math station! You will need 2 groups of kids and cards labeled 1-100. One group of kids plays the role of the police squad. The other group plays police informants. The numbered cards are the suspects. The police line their numbers up on the floor in order, like a traditional suspect lineup. The police informants choose one number card, write the number down (don't show the cops!), and write clues about it. Clue examples: The suspect is an even number, it has 5 tens, the number is ten more than 48, the sum of its digits is 13, etc. They read their clues to the police. The police record the clues on a scrap of paper. Afterwards, the police hold a private meeting where they eliminate suspects by flipping the cards over. Will they solve the mystery? What number is the prime suspect?

Badge via csp

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