Monday, May 28, 2012

Moon Games

1. Awesome hands on activities from Lunar Prospector! First, construct a lunar habitat out of recycled materials in your classroom or home that meets your basic needs! Click here for details! While exploring your "habitat," collect moon rocks (assortment of candy or stones). Eack kid gets one rock. Then, have them write a fully detailed sentence that describes their rock (texture, color, etc.). Line the rocks up in a row. Can your classmates match the right description to each rock? 

2. Figure out how much you weigh on the moon, as well as each planet!

3. Disney Family Fun has an active night game that reinforces the number of days in a lunar cycle! Kids split up outside and try to capture the moon (a soccer ball), which is being guarded by an astronaut with a flashlight that is deadly! Light will take them out of the game. Click here for details! Younger kid version - to put a twist on the game, you could pass out flashlights to all of the kids and hide the soccer ball. Then, have kids hunt for it using their light. Whoever finds the moon first wins.

4. Make moon craters

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