Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Electricity with Kids

1. Create an Art Bot that draws on it's own (featured above), as well as other cool projects for the tech-savvy teacher, parent, and kid! Check out Geek Dad's collection over at Wired. 

2. Make a fruity battery with Steve Spangler

3. Light up a bulb in your microwave or build your own with Spangler

4. Experiment with electricity using a light bulb, foil, and a battery with Scholastic

5. Make spuds SURGE with Zoom!

6. Make a simple circuit at Mini Science.

7. Can you get water to conduct electricity? Find out with Studio 3D!

8. Construct a BristleBot with the Evil Mad Scientist!

9. Make squishy circuits (explore insulators and conductors!)

10. Turn a pickle ELECTRIC with 4Volt and with Steve!

photo credit 4Volt
11. Create electricity with an apple! (video link) / (simple written instructions)

12. Construct a rideable hovercraft!

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  1. These all look like so much fun. I can't wait to make the art bot with my first grader!