Saturday, April 14, 2012

Word Games

Have fun with vocabulary in the classroom!

1. Secret Word: I love Juice Boxes and Crayons' Word Watcher, so I wanted to incorporate it in my classroom for lower elementary! Every Friday, choose a different vocab. word and make it the secret word of the day. Kids have to keep their eyes peeled and their ears open! If they see it somewhere in the classroom (books, posters, signs, writing, etc.) or hear someone say it (in the class or from another class), they quietly fill out a paper strip (below). Before they place their strip in the bag, they give the teacher a heads up, no cheaters! At the end of the day, tally the strips  to see what kid spotted the word the most. 

2. What's the Magic Word: Everyday, I posted a different password for entry allowance into the classroom! The students used their reading and acting skills to come in. They had a blast with this!

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