Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fractions: City 2 Suburbs

Kids drive around, building fractions within neighborhood towns and cities. Have kids design their own street of fractions or get a little help from these fun activities. Ashleigh Education Journey (3rd Grade) - Fraction Avenue: Create a suburban street of fractions! Parked cars, houses for sale, landscaping: kids follow directions to create a street filled with fractions! The kids over at Learning is a Journey and Shirinzadeh's Shining Stars made a Fraction Town complete with a school and pets. Take a trip to Fraction City for more complex instructions for grades 6-8 from Education Witchita. Kids design a map and calculate distances of their fraction streets. Looking for a fraction game for a math station? has an oversized fraction city. Pull out the matchbox cars for a scenic route of the city. Kids drive around town: adding / subtracting fractions, dealing with equivalent fractions, and grasping partitioned wholes. Add parks, playgrounds, markets, skyscrapers, traffic lights, bus stations, and path trains for more interaction fun!

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