Friday, April 20, 2012

Candy Solar System

Blast through a sweet candy solar system! I saw this fun, edible activity over at ZanghiIt's hard to find candy spot on in size, but kids get an understanding of planet dimensions by using Academic and Sports Program's solar system control sheet.

Candy - Try to find round candies in various sizes, examples: butterscotch, pop rocks, sno-caps, m&m's, peppermints, life savers, whoppers, gumdrops to represent each planet. For super tiny planets, you could also use nerds or mini m&m's. For larger planets, try using gumballs, jaw breakers, or nilla wafers. 

Instead of candy, you could also mold planets with play-doh, use marbles / bouncy balls / other sphere or circular shaped toys, beads / gems, whatever you'd like!

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