Friday, April 27, 2012

Adjectives: Lost / Found Brigade

Practice adjectives by transforming your class into a Lost / Found Brigade! Choose ten objects, take a photo of each one, and keep them a secret from the kids. In your free time, hide the objects around the playground (when no kids are around to see). Next, pin lost and found headers on the wall (image above). Then, split kids up into teams of three. Give each team a post it note and a picture of the object. Make sure the teams are spread far apart and tell them to keep their object a secret. On their post it note, they write down five adjectives that describe their "lost" object. After they have decided on their adjectives, they slyly give you back the photo and post their list under the Lost header.

Once all teams are finished, call on a team to choose one of the post it notes of clues off the wall (not their own!!!). When each team has a set of clues head outside and try to find the object, using the set of clues. After they find their object, give them the photo of their object. When all ten objects are found head back to the room. The kids hang their clues back under Lost and the photo under Found. Ask them how they found their object. Which adjectives described their object the best?

Finally, have each child write a story about how the object they found got lost. They can make up a character, setting, and event for their story. Encourage them to use the adjectives from their clue list. For example: Timmy was late for class. He ran off the bus. His squishy, yellow banana slipped out of his backpack. 

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