Monday, March 26, 2012

If I Was An Astronaut!

Take a photographic trip through our space. Jump over Jupiter. Eat macaroni on Mars. An entertaining and educational look at our solar system.

After reading the book If I Was An Astronaut, have kids write about what they would do on each planet, for a creative writing prompt! Preview the book here!

As a class, role play a trip to the moon! First, gear up in the appropriate attire. Buckle up for a rocky lift off! Then, explore the moon, MOONWALK! Ride around in your Lunar Rover! Ask students what they see. Remind them that there is no wrong answer when you're using your imagination! After exploring the moon, head back to the rocket and loose the space boots and helmet! It's time to float! Let kids have fun pretending there is no gravity. Then, take a break for a pretend space snack, that they must slurp through a straw! As you're riding in your rocket, what do you see in space? 

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