Monday, February 20, 2012

Area / Perimeter Mondrian

Combine art and math in this area / perimeter lesson: Piet Mondrian style. Have kids lay out their artwork on grid paper. Next, have them figure out the area and perimeter of each "block," using their black grid lines as their guide. Then, have them recreate their design using construction paper. 

AREA - The measurement of space inside a flat shape is called area. Count the squares inside each of the rectangles you've drawn (multiply height times width). 

PERIMETER - Count distance along each of the four sides of your blocks and add them up. 


  1. I love this! We made Mondrian art on boxes that the first graders made. Check them out on my blog box making is super fun for kids as well... P.S. I have loved all the wonderful things you post!!! -Jill

  2. Hi Erin - I'm looking through your backlist of maths posts and loving the great way you present things!

    We've just done something like this Mondrian maths - starting from this on the great mathpickle site: - this turns it into a lovely investigation.
    Here's some of the results: