Monday, January 23, 2012

Static Electricity!

1. Repel / Attract
Have kids experiment with having two balloons attract and repel. Visit Learning Ideas K-8 for instructions!

2. Bending Water
Quest Garden made water bend with static electricity! materials: balloon, wool, running water
1. Rub the wool on the balloon
2. Run the water low and slow
3. Hold the balloon next to the running water

3. Balloon Pickup
Can a ballon pick up cereal or paper? via Mad Sci
Rub a record with wool and hold it over Rice Krispies cereal. The cereal will snap, crackle, and fly! Now, rub a ballon with wool and see if it can pick up cut pieces of paper or tissue. The tissue will be attracted to the balloon, then jump away! Can you pick up anything else with a charged balloon?
4. Roll a Can with No Hands! via science quad
materialssoda can, head of hair, and a balloon
1. Lay the can on a flat surface.
2. Rub a balloon on your head or wool.
3. Hold the balloon close to your can, without touching it.
4. The can will roll toward the balloon! Have a soda can race with a friend! via Science Bob 

5. Electrifying Gelatin! 
Make gelatin raise the roof with static electricity! Pour some unflavored gelatin on a flat surface. Then, rub a blown up balloon on your head (super fast) or wool to create a charge. Once the balloon is all charged up, place it over the gelatin (without touching). The balloon will raise the gelatin up into the air! Visit Zoom for the full explanation.

photo via family fun
6. Floating Orb (left)
Visit Disney Family Fun for instructions!

7. Haunted Straw
Can you make a straw rotate in a full circle without touching it?! Check out the Surfing Scientist and amaze your friends!

8. Snake Charmer
Make a tissue paper snake rise up! Visit Powerhouse Museum for instructions!

9. Floating Octopus
Control a plastic bag octopus with a balloon wand! - Science Squad


  1. Great idea about having a soda can race.!
    Teaching kids about static electricity while having fun at the same time!

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