Friday, January 27, 2012

Monster Exchange Project

Monster Exchange is an awesome site, that sets different schools up from all around the world. Kids design a monster. Then, they describe it in writing. Their monster description and picture is sent to another school. That school has to redraw the monster, using the written description. This is a great activity that promotes reading comprehension, writing skills (using adjectives), and technology in the classroom. Visit Monster Exchange and have your class work with another from around the world! 

This activity can also be done within the classroom. Two students sit back to back. One describes what they drew. The other tries to recreate it. 

You could also turn the activity into a collaboration game! Art teacher Lauren Taylor at The School at St. George Place Creation Station came up with a collaborative art project/ game for kids to work together to create rad monsters (monster art featured above)! Each child creates separate parts of a monster's body (line drawing, not filled in). Next, they sort them into bins (e.g. by head, limb, torso, etc.). Then, the kids go from bin to bin, choosing various parts, excluding the ones that they made. Once the parts are collected, the kids build their monsters and add detail.

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