Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Nelson is Missing! Activities

1. Make a missing persons poster, including: illustration, physical description/ clothes, why she disappeared, and a reward for finding her.

2. Respond to the ideas the characters in the book speculated about her disappearance. For example, could she really be carried by butterflies?! Have the children fold a piece of paper in half, separating fact from fiction. Which outcomes are likely?

3. Create a matching game, matching the qualities to the right character: Miss Nelson vs. Miss Swamp.

4. The author provides many clues about Miss Swamp's identity. Have kids make a pretend magnifying glass (foil circle attached to popsicle stick). When you read the story aloud, children raise their magnifying glass if they spot a clue. List all of the clues on the board.

5. Finally, have the students write a letter to Detective McSmogg, telling him about the clues. via Pro Teacher

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