Sunday, January 8, 2012

Erosion Science Lab

photo via National Resources Conservation Center

"How does rain shape the Earth?Have kids examine natural soil with a magnifying glass. Ask them what they think the soil is made of- (weathered rock particles: sand, silt, clay, rock and decomposing leaves/ organisms). Is all dirt the same? 

This experiment will demonstrate runoff and how soil is affected by water - EROSION. Kids will also see how vegetation helps keep soil together. Examine the water you collected in your jars (or pans). Describe it, what collected in the water?
- 2 aluminum pans
- 2 jars (or 2 more pans)
- Natural soil (from a garden or your yard)
- Soil with grass growing on it
- Watering can
- Books or something that will create a slope

1. 2 Pans- Add soil in one and soil/grass in the other. 
2. Create your slopes and angle your pans.
3. Pour water over each pan. While pouring, have someone hold a jar to collect the water (or place empty pans underneath angled ones before you pour).

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