Friday, December 9, 2011

Geography: Passport Please...

A fun geography project is to take your kids on a pretend trip around the world, to learn about other cultures and their history. Introduce kids to the food, music, geographic features, architecture, and language. Print out pictures and decorate your room to represent each country you visit. Send a stuffed animal around the world to different schools around the world, exchange souvenirs and postcards. For each country your animal visits, have his picture taken in front of a famous landmark or monument. To take the project even further, try to skype or ichat with schools from different countries. You can print out pretend passports and stamps, make airline tickets, and track your travels on a world map. Visit Making Friends for printable country fact cards. Note: You could also do this project nationally and learn about different states, corresponding with various schools from all over the U.S.


  1. Do you have a list of schools willing to participate.

    1. I do not run a school BUT I do have a afterschool program with 14 children ages 5 - 13 if you are still interested