Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blooms Recycled Paper

Making paper out of recycled newspaper and old paper scraps is a great way to show kids how to be greener. For some extra fun and to be even greener, add flower seeds to your paper solution. When the paper dries, kids can plant their paper and watch their seeds grow. 
  1. You'll need to window screen/ frame for this
  2. Let all your scraps soak in water overnight
  3. Next, blend scraps in a blender
  4. Pour the scraps out and add water in a large, deep container
  5. Add flower seeds (Marigolds work really well)
  6. Dip your screen in and lift up
  7. Leave paper solution on the screen to dry overnight
  8. Once paper is completely dry, pull off of screen
  9. Cut your paper into squares and give to kids to plant!
Plant your seeds in a cup, pot, or your backyard in soil. Make sure your seeds get plenty of sun and water.

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