Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handprint Calendar

Snow Flake, Heart - Share and Remember 
4 Leaf Clover - Meet the Dubiens
Earth - Busy Hands Art
Butterfly - Michelle's Journal Corner
Fish - Bobo Gallery
Crayons - Mrs Kilburn Kiddos
Pumpkin - Dana Hinders
Lights - Tip Junkie
Tree - Mom 2 Posh Diva


  1. Love this! I just added this to the 25 Kid Crafted Gifts Tutorial!

    I made similar gifts like this when I taught first grade. It looks wonderful and is a great keepsake!

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  3. Thanks for the awesome activities!! These will be very useful for I am preschool teacher.

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  4. I love this idea! Thank you! I think I may go to work tomorrow and have the kiddos make this. :)

  5. So brilliant! I love my little ones handprints. I just had to connect to your GFC so I don't miss anything. I could spend all day looking through your blogs awesomeness. You can find me at

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  7. One of my co-workers has her kindergarten students make something similar and give it to their family for Christmas. They love it. She does one picture a week so it has time to dry. She then laminates them too.

  8. The handprint butterfly is from

  9. This is such a cute idea. I have a Daisy Girl Scout troop, and I'm going to do this with them for Christmas. Thanks for the idea!