Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Growing Gummy Bears

Check out the gummy bear below that Science Matters grew! Who knew gummies could expand so much when submerged in water?! 

Experiment - Keep gummy bears submerged in water at least overnight. The longer you leave them in the water, the more dramatic the results! Measure, weigh, and feel the gummy bears. Compare them to a "regular" gummy bear. What differences do you see? Did the gummy bears undergo a physical or chemical change?

photo via science matters
A Survival Guide to Middle School took this experiment further. They put a gummy bear in tap water and one in salt water. Check out their red gummy bears featured left! Visit A Survival Guide to Middle School for lab questions and worksheets to go along with the activity. 


  1. Our gummy bears just dissolved.

  2. Thanks for featuring! My blog got a facelift this month so I updated the old post with new gummy bear pictures. :)