Sunday, November 2, 2014

Informational Text Features

12 Informational Text Features Posters
(title, table of contents, heading, subheading, print styles, photograph, illustration, caption, map, diagram, glossary and index)

Fiction and Nonfiction Book Comparison
Students work in teams of 2 and compare 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction book of the same topic (ex: 2 books about sloths)

Informational Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
Students cut out and record informational text features from nonfiction magazines.
Once images are gathered in ziploc bags, students paste them on butcher paper or tape them on a wall underneath the 12 informational text feature categories.

What's the Main Idea?!
Students use 3 different text features to find the main idea of 1 nonfiction book.

+ Animal Adaptation Graphic Organizer
After learning about informational text features, I had the students research an animal and create a digital poster of 3 adaptations of their animal. They recorded all 3 adaptations on their organizer and the text features that helped them with their research.

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