Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sentence Scramble

This sentence collaboration game comes from ehow
materials: sentence strips and markers

Practice writing compound sentences and working with coordinating conjunctions by scrambling sentences! Kids are split up into teams (10 kids per team). They come up with a topic. Then, they each write one sentence that revolves around the topic they chose. 

Once they have their sentences complete, they use coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences! Kids must problem solve and think how they can combine their sentences using the 7 coordinating conjunctions!

I put my goggles on for swimming.
My swimsuit is striped and yellow.
I float on an inner tube, but I like to doggy paddle.
I blow bubbles or hold my breath underwater.
I dunk my brother in the pool, yet I like to get wet!
I like to dive off the diving board so I splash lots of water!
Neither my brother nor I like getting dunked!

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