Friday, June 14, 2013

Magnify It!

Integrate math (measuring) and science (light/optics) by experimenting with a magnifying glass from Science Buddies! First, kids create a ruler out of masking tape. They use the tape ruler to measure their magnified object (see image above). Kids hold the magnifying glass or prop it at different heights from the table using a standard ruler. They write down the height of their hand / the magnifying glass. For example, the magnifying glass was held 10 inches from the table. They place an object near their masking tape ruler and put the magnifying glass over it. Make sure you hold the magnifying glass at the height you recorded. Kids use their tape ruler to measure the object. Then, they write down the measurement of the object next to the height measurement. How does an object's size (appear to) change at different optical distances in comparison to its actual size?! Check out the full activity here!

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