Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What time is it?!

Fun, telling time activity from Chalk and Slate! First, kids design paper watches (bands for their analog clock). While they're creating their bands, the teacher writes different times on pieces of scrap paper (one for each student) and tosses the times in a paper lunch bag. Kids pull out a time, without showing it to anybody! Next, the teacher passes out miniature, blank analog clocks. Kids draw hands on their clocks (to show their time), tape it on the band they created, and sport it on their wrist. Now the fun begins! Each child gets a piece of paper with their classmates' names typed on it, with a line next to each name. Children go around the room and ask each other "What time is it?!" The peer they ask shows them his/her watch, without saying the time. The child writes down the time that each one of his/her peers have on their watch. Could they tell the right time? Check out the activity in action over at Chalk and Slate!

Click here for a time printable! Kids record 3 activities that they did! - when they began the activity and when the activity ended.

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