Sunday, March 10, 2013

Place Value Necklace

Write down numbers and toss them in a paper brown lunch bag. Have students pull a number out (no peeking!). Next, they create a necklace to represent their number using Froot Loops Cereal and Pasta. Tell kids to keep their number a secret! Once everyone has their necklace constructed, instead of reading the room, they read each other! Give each student a list with their classmates' names on. Next to the names make a line for kids to write down their peers' numbers.

When kids are finished, have them find the largest and smallest number. Then, have them draw a red checkmark next to the even numbers and a blue checkmark next to the odd numbers. (Example left)


  1. What a neat and fun way to practice place value! Thanks for sharing this - I could use this with my younger daughter!