Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coins, Bills, and Presidents

Coin Experiments Featured:
1. Make a Quarter Cast and fool your friends with a magic trick! -  Magic.About
2. Make green pennies and glimmering pennies, exploring electrochemistry! - Fun Science for Girls
3. How many drops of water can you put on a penny before it spills off? - The Last Blog After Eugenics
4. How many pennies can you put into a cup of water without a spill? - Learning Ideas K-8
5. Knock the bottom coin out of a coin tower, without it toppling over! - Zoom
6. Coin Drop: Make a basket with a flick of your fingers! - Steve Spangler
7. Swing a coin by a coat hanger! How does it stick?! - Visit ABC News in Science for this magical trick!

8. Color Changing Quarter: Turn a quarter copper! - MegaMVP555
9. Vibrate a penny and make it dance on the opening of a water bottle - April Oaks
10. Fool your eyes with a refraction experiment (penny in a cup of water) - Steve Spangler
11. Make a quarter scream! - Science Bob
12. Trick your friends with Candace's Coin Trick (glue stick, 3 pennies)
13. Pennies Afloat - Riding in a boat

Money Maker - Put yourself on a bill! - Upload a photo at Festisite!
Coin Scavenger Hunt - Hunt for coins minted from various years and sequence them in order! 
Coin Rubbings - Put coins under thin paper and rub over top with crayons.
Where's George? - Track a dollar bill!
photo via spoonful

Paper Log Cabin - Split students up into teams. Then, have them sketch out a design and construct it using paper tubes. Visit Spoonful (featured left).

Pretzel Stick Log Cabin - Chocolate Frosting Adhesive

Cherry Tree - Use a soda bottle for prints or crunch up tissue paper.

Life-Sized Presidents - Have kids split up into groups and pick a president. They measure out his height and create a paper president.

Writing - What would you do if you were president?

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