Thursday, January 31, 2013

House # Math

This activity is from one of my favorite sites for real world math, Illuminations! Students create a three digit house number, using numerals 0 through 9. The three numbers they choose must add up to a certain sum. They can't repeat numbers in their combination or begin their combination with 0. For example, if their number has to equal 6, one combination might be 321. There are 14 combinations if the sum is 6. If the 3 addends must add up to 7, there are 18 combinations. Visit Illuminations for details and printables to go along with the activity.

Afterwards, incorporate measuring by having students create a "house that measures up" from Cathy Searcey. After kids make their "house plan," they head outside and draw a large version of their house using sidewalk chalk. (House dimensions: 6ft. x 6ft. frame, a 3ft. x 1ft. door, and two 1ft. x 1 ft. windows).

You could also explore geometry by having students design their very own clubhouse! Click here for details!

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