Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Subtraction Squares

Fun, problem solving game for kids to practice subtraction skills from Learn with Math Games! This activity can be adapted to any age group. Younger kids can work with numbers less than ten. Older kids could work with 3 or 4 digit numerals.

Kids choose 4 numbers (anything they'd like) to write on the vertices of the larger square. Then, they just subtract (corner to corner). They write the differences on the next largest square's corners (where it meets in between on the line) and so on...

The big surprise is their final square! Like magic, all of the corners are the exact same numeral! Inference: See if kids can predict what will be their mystifying number before solving all their squares! Visit Learn with Math for a free template!

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  1. These are great! Bookmarking for when we get to subtraction...I really need to start a Pinterest board!

    1. I can completely relate! I have lots of bookmark folders! Before I just labeled them science, math, literacy, etc. However, this system was too unorganized. So, I had to go in and make subfolders. Now, everything is much easier to locate!