Monday, November 12, 2012

Dream Vacation PBL Project

photo credit: Eco Child's Play
Integrate geography, geometry, and economics by having students plan their very own dream vacation! I came across this lesson from Cassita76 on iRubric, great site for creating free rubrics. Another rubric making site to check out is Rubistar. Both sites allow you to adapt / build upon a rubric or create your own. 

(click here for Cassita 76's rubric for the Dream Vacation project)

Geography / Map Reading - First, students choose a destination. 
Economics / Budget - They calculate what they spend.
Type of Travel / Elapsed Time - They figure out what form of travel they will use to get there, the cost of travel, as well as their leaving and returning date / time. 
Hotel Info - Hotel information (amenities) and cost (+ pictures)
Area / Perimeter - Calculate lodging area and perimeter
Attractions - They "visit" a few main attractions (find images online or draw). 
Weather - Compare the weather of the destination to local weather
Presentation - Students share their destination and attractions to peers using google maps.

Click here for additional resources from Next Generation!

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