Friday, November 16, 2012

Cause and Effect!

Cause and Effect Signal Words and Phrases Poster

RLGL - To practice recognizing cause and effect, play Cause and Effect Red Light Green Light! Say a sentence. Then, say a part of the sentence (either the cause or effect). If you say the cause, kids stay put. If you say the effect, they go! For example, A bee stung Ryder and he cried. If you say bee, they stay put. If you say cried, they go!

photo credit: adam sherk
Chain Reaction - Everyone sits in a circle. Some one starts off the story with a cause. The next person says the effect. The effect now becomes the new cause. So the next person, says an effect and so on.....
For example: 
1. My books are heavy. 
2. I dropped them. 
3. Amelia tripped over them. 
4. She knocked over the trash can. 
5. Trash flew everywhere!
6. The teacher slipped on a banana peel
7. She knocked over the book cabinet.

Cause and Effect Comic Strip - Cut out comic strips and see if students can identify the cause and effect. Then have kids make their own.

Cause and Effect Playing Cards - Write causes on cards and effects on other cards. Deal out the effect cards. Keep the cause cards turned over in a stack in the middle of the table. Turn the top card in the cause pile over. If any of the players' effect card fits the cause, they put their card in the "dispose" pile. The player who gets rid of all his / her cards first wins!

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