Sunday, October 21, 2012

Idiom Math

Besides figuring out the meaning of idioms, integrate math into the lesson! 

Other examples
Dime a dozen - what does a dozen dimes equal ($1.20)
On cloud 9 - someone is on 1 of 9 clouds = 1/9
It takes 2 to tango - write the fraction of people (maybe 1 girl, 1 boy)
One jump ahead of (a frog). - write the fraction of the other animals in line.
Take five - write the fraction, five of what
Dressed to the 9's - how many 9's on a dress
Catch 40 winks - make an array
Feel like a million bucks - explore three addends, what would equal 1 million

Art and writing idiom activities - Minds in Bloom and Idioms by Kids
3rd Grade Grapevine has a free printable for kids to draw and write their idiom's meaning.

List of Idioms - Number, Money, AnimalColorFoodVarious


  1. Love to read these idioms for kids, thank you so much for share.

  2. Hello Erin, just love to this concept of learning idioms with maths, I tried it with my students in classroom and they are happy to learn it. Idioms made maths easy.

    Thank you so much
    Freya, UK