Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Case Files

Can your students figure out what ______ and his / her friends did on Halloween, using their inference skills? Choose different items to put in manila envelopes or paper lunch bags. Kids examine the different items and come up with explanations for them. 

Item ideas:
pumpkin seeds - carved a pumpkin
funny glasses - halloween disguise
face paint - disguise
cape - superhero
green nose with a wart - witch 
furry, pointy ears headband - cat 
vampire teeth - yikes!
apple - bobbing for apples
cracked egg shell - someone played a trick!
toilet paper - a trick or a mummy!
streamers - they were at a party!
red solo cup - punch ;)
empty cake mix box - halloween party cake!
muffin tin - cupcakes!
leaves - they were outside, jumped in a pile of leaves!
thermal underwear - it was cold outside!
candy wrappers - went trick or treating and ate all of their candy!
flashlight - they were out late at night
cob webs - they were in an old, dirty place (haunted house!?)
slime - monster slime?!
do not enter sign - uh-oh!
tombstone - they were at the cemetery!
note that says "be home by 8:00, love mom" - they had a curfew
watch that says 10:00 - they stayed out past their curfew!
fast food wrapper - dinner or late night snack?!
Add anything you'd like!

Based on the items, students guess how many kids went trick or treating and what they were dressed as. Then, they figure out what they did that night, maybe went to a party? Did they play any tricks? Get creative with different items. 

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