Saturday, October 27, 2012

H2O Race

photo via surf ky video
I was inspired by Hooked on Science's H2O Race (an experiment on cohesion); so, I created my own game board to go along with a water cycle unit. Two different science lessons in one game! Kids learn about water cohesion and see three of the steps of the water cycle.

1. Print 2 copies of the game board below.
2. Cover the game boards with contact paper.
3. Place one drop of water near the start area on both boards.
4. Then, with a toothpick, each player "pulls" their drop of water along their game board.
5. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins!

Explanation - Water molecules are attracted to one another: Cohesion! If you scroll through Surf Ky's Hooked on Science video channel, you can see the water cohesion game (above) in action!

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