Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gaming in the Classroom

photos via nintendo and xbox

Kids nowadays are extremely tech-saavy, to keep them engaged in lessons, as well as out of their seats and moving, bring a piece of their world to the classroom - video games! There are lots of educational games for Wii and XBox. What's great about these tech tools is that they promote movement and motion!

Great post from Teach Hub! Visit the site to check out ways to use video games that relate to the common core standards! Link includes:
- Make your own Smart Board for $50
- Endless Oceans - Marine Life (featured above)
- Wild Earth African Safari - Combine Science and Geography
- Big Brain Academy - Problem Solving
- Also, check out Squidoo for the latest learning games from Wii

XBox Kinect
- Body and Brain Connection (featured above) - Students use their body to solve math problems. Example: Move your arms to show greater than and less than, when comparing equations. Check out the game in action here!
- Avatar Kinect - Students can practice their reading and presenting skills without feeling self conscious. Click here for a demo!
Yoostar - (green-screen system) Kids can give presentations from all over the world, even on the moon! Link provides student sample work.
- Other games: 
Kinect Sports - even sports require math skills!

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