Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Traveler

Have kids make an inference about items in a suitcase. Why does this person need certain materials? What does he / she plan on using them for? Is the person a girl or a boy? How can you tell? How many people are going on the trip? What are they going to do there? Below is an example of how to conduct the activity:

First check out the bag:
Is there more than one bag? If so, how many people are going on the trip?
Bag design - Do you think it belongs to a boy or a girl?
Old or new - If it's old, do you think the person does a lot of traveling?

Now, open it up and take a peek inside!
Fishing rod - Someone is going to a place with a body of water: lake, river, ocean. One person is going fishing or they are all going to share the rod.
Tent - somewhere in the country, not the city. He plans on sleeping outside.
Marshmallows - He plans on making a campfire and roasting them.
Graham crackers - I think he will make smores
Chocolate bars - He is definitely making smores and has a sweet tooth.
Frying pan - He will be cooking
Bug spray - He is going somewhere buggy, like the woods with high grass, trees.
Mirror -He wants to look attractive while he's out in the wilderness. He wants to impress someone?
ipod - He likes music.
Get creative! Your pretend traveler can go anywhere in the world! 

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