Friday, June 22, 2012

Physics Magic!

Explore Inertia, Newton's First Law of Motion: "An object at rest will stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon it.  An object that is moving, will stay moving until something stops it."  with 3 magical science experiments!

1. Knock the bottom coin out of a coin tower, without it toppling over! You can use a playing card, spatula, or even flick it out with your fingers! Visit Zoom and Yahoo Voices for this experiment, as well as a whole list of activities all about inertia, friction, force, and motion!

2. Conduct the coin drop trick! With the flick of your fingers, get coins to drop in a cup! Visit Steve Spangler for instructions and a how to video.

3. Amaze your friends with your swift moves! Can you whip a table cloth off a table filled with dishes, without disturbing one item? Visit Steve Spangler for instructions.

photo via ssrsbstaff
4. Play around with inertia rings and a coin! You get different results depending on where you hit the ring. If you hit the inside, the coin will fall inside the cup. Knock the outside of the ring and the coin will go across the room! Check out ssrsbstaff, lots of cool experiments for kids!

5. Explore Egg-citing Inertia with Mr. O!

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