Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pea Pods - Similarities and Differences

Do all pea pods contain the same number of peas? The pea pod experiment fits right into Common Core's Life Science: Behavior, Growth, and Changes. This demonstration shows kids that even though pea pods come from the same plant, they're not all alike.

ESTIMATE - Lay out pea pods, all varying in size, and have kids make a prediction. Do long, thin pea pods contain the most peas or do short, fatter ones? Will pea pods of the same length have the same amount of peas? 

MEASURE - Measure the pods and sort them by size.

TALLY - Have kids tally how many peas are in different pods. Make sure they draw a picture or write a description of the pod near their tally marks for each pod, accuracy is important!

What were your findings? Did similar pods contain the same number of peas? Could you predict which pods would contain the most peas just by looking at the size and shape? Does size and shape even play a role in how many peas are in a pod?

Conclusion: Plants of the same species aren't always the same. 

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