Monday, May 7, 2012

Word Wheel

Get kids interacting and improving their language skills with this fun game! I liked the vocabulary spinner that I saw (here), so I made my own! For the activity, I tossed vocabulary words in a lunch bag. Kids flicked the game spinner, then pulled out a word. Once they had their word, the fun began! 

Students act, draw, rhyme, or define their word. They might also have to put it in a sentence, name what part of speech it is, or give a synonym or antonym for it. It's a game of chance! Below is a tally sheet I made for kids to keep score.

To make a spinner, you simply print design on card stock and laminate. Then, you add a paper clip, click here to find out how to insert it in your spinner.


  1. Could I get a copy of your spinner please?

  2. Are you giving this out as a freebie? I'd LOVE to have a copy if so!

  3. You can drag the images off to your desktop (or save if you're on a pc)
    The spinner has to be placed into a document. The worksheet is print ready (both are 72 dpi - but print well)

  4. Erin, I am an extension educator with 4-H Youth Development in OK. I would like to use your spinner idea with personal development curriculum. You and the site will be referenced. None of the materials will be sold for profit only used by volunteers for education purposes. Wanted to know if I should take any other steps

    1. no more steps, feel free to use anything you would like! thanks for referencing the blog!