Monday, May 14, 2012

Odd vs. Even

Switch up rock, paper, scissors to help kids with math! Two player game, one person is "odds" and the other is "evens." Kids shake their fist, chant "1,2,3, shoot!" Then, they stick out zero, one, two, three, four, or five fingers. Kids find the sum of their fingers. If the answer is even, then evens gets a point. If it's odd, odds gets a point.

Note: Remind kids that even if they are an even, they can still hold out an odd number of fingers. The answer to the problem is what they consider odd or even.

inspired by disney family fun -  odds, evens 


  1. I can see a problem with doing the product though. If you get a smart kid who doesn't like to lose and has evens, they always win if they put out 2 or 4 fingers.

    1. Good point, I adjusted it for kids to just find the sum of their fingers.

  2. Or you could have one person get all odd points and one all evens, and at the count of 3 each person puts out one hand. Then you add both people's hand and give a point to odd or even based on the total. That way, even if the child always holds out an even number, it depends on the other person whether it will be an even total.

  3. I have been doing this for some time with my first graders. We call the game Addend Addend Sum and chant that phrase while hitting our palms with our fists. On the word sum each child shows a number of fingers and the first to say the sum is the winner of that round. It's great and they love it.