Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Wheels Math

Grab a ruler, a bunch of hot wheels vehicles, and some sidewalk chalk for a measuring project! Kids team up and are given specific measurements for a street. They work together to construct their street. Then, they work with their peers on designing a city. As a class, they decide the placement of each road. After they've completed their roadways, they can add cities, stores, and signage. They can even make a Fraction City on the pavement (click here for details)!

Next, set up a mini Nascar stadium with your vehicles! Draw lines on the blacktop, creating lanes to separate the kids' cars. Then, assign each student a numbered lane. Who's car is the fastest? After you race your cars, measure the distance they rolled from the starting line. Compare the distances and the vehicles.

Note: You could do this activity indoors with masking tape to create roads.

hot wheels via themetroq

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  1. Love this idea Erin. We have a house full of boys. This would totally get the excited. Thanks for coming by The-Tutor-House to see my LEGO fractions.